Using Playlists in Mix & Mash

We’ve had a couple of questions come through recently via email and the App Store regarding the use of playlists within Mix & Mash, so thought it would be a good idea to outline this feature in a bit more detail.

Contrary to reviews, the app does support the playing of playlists, it just might not be clear at first how to go about it.

1. If you’ve already added music into your play queue you’ll need to reset it via the ‘Reset Music’ button in the top right corner on the music screen.

2. On the start screen go into the settings menu.

3. De-select the ‘Automatic Shuffle’ setting if you want to keep the order of your playlist.

4.Close the setting window with the done button.

5. On the startup screen choose ‘Add Music’.

6. Choose ‘Playlists’ on the tab bar.

7. Find your playlist, and then tap ‘Add All Songs’.

8. Tap ‘Done’ and the app will begin playing your playlist!

Note: When on the play queue you might not be able to see the whole playlist as by default it only shows the first 10 songs. This can be changed in the settings screen under ‘Play Queue Count”.

We are planning a major upgrade by the end of August 2013, and this is on our list of features to improve. Any other ideas, comments or support queries get in touch via the support website at





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